Our Community Efforts and Launch of Passionate & Prepared 


Entrepreneur and business owner Areial Lomack is devoted to her people and wants to illustrate that by giving back to her hometown community in Oakland, CA. A graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in Public Health & History of Community Organizing, Areial plans to pay it forward as her 30th Birthday approaches by partnering with her longtime friends and high school classmates donating their efforts to supply and prepare elementary, middle school and high school students for the upcoming school year. Powered by Areial’s company Twelve AM; a fashion brand and private label shoe company is the launch of her non-profit organization “Passionate & Prepared”The aim is to promote the importance of education, provide at least a hundred students with backpacks and supplies for the upcoming school year, and have workshops on financial literacy supported by Wells Fargo and Prudential. The back pack drive is the launch of the Passionate and Prepared Campaign that’s just the first of many events geared towards giving back to the community in a major way. All proceeds of products goes to the campaign.  

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